Honor, Courage, Semper Fi
Hey frank you dead? Cause you haven't reported on anything in a while.

Things have been fairly quiet, at least until the President informed me of an incident with an acquaintance of ours in California.

Still waiting on that.

Mr.Horrigan. sir! I am Private First Class Seth Washington, and I have taken the liberty of making something for you. A large selection of specially made books, heavily enlarged, with much ;larger print, seeing as normal books are too small. May I suggest '101 Ways To Skin A Commie'?

Aren’t you supposed to be using that material for more important things?

Stop wasting resources and get back to work.

What do you think about Obama?

History isn’t my strong suit.

What wil you do when America is restored? Kill commies? What will you do then? Retire?

When the American government has obliterated all opposition, we will work to restore this nation to what it was before the bombs fell. That is for the President to decide, and I will always work to serve this country until the day I die.

"Sh-sh-show me yu-your w-war face!"

An NCR uniform, instead I’ll show you my fist.

Do stealth boys work for you at all? Or have you not even bothered with them?

Stealth boys have little use for those wearing power armor, and so I have no need for them.

I'm sure you get asked this a lot, but I gotta ask...how in THE #&!% did you survive getting cut in half and atomized by a nuke?? I figure either they made you a spare body, or Enclave medics are freaking magicians. Am I close to the mark here?

I’m not at liberty to discuss the specifics of the Enclave’s medical capabilities, especially not with traitorous members of the Brotherhood of Steel such as yourself.

If the NCR want to restore the old American ways of Democracy and Liberty, why not work together with them? It seems like you are both fighting when you oth want the same thing: a better America.

If that was truly their goal, then they would have not retaliated against the Enclave back when we were located in California. Theirs is merely a mockery of our own governemnt, a facade through which they use to simply take the title for themselves.

The Enclave will not show mercy to those ingrates, for we have not and will not receive any in return. Some of our own have fallen for their deception and fell in with them after they destroyed their true homes and more odious traitors did so on their own accord. We have not forgotten their opportunistic attacks and thefts they’ve carried out, and once we take Nevada - I will exact full retribution for their crimes against us.

askagentfrankhorrigan started following you.


Sir it’s an honor to see an American Hero amongst the living.

I’m just doing my duty soldier, though the compliment is appreciated.

How does the couch fit you? It should be broken.

Which is why I don’t sit on the couches, I prefer to stand anyway.